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How less started

Less-labs was founded by four concerned fathers aiming to eliminate

single use plastic waste as well as eliminating toxic chemicals found around the home.

13 years of experience designing and producing biodegradable professional

industrial cleaners gave us a deep and proven path, we know what we can do.

Now for the first time we are sharing our experience and groundbreaking formula with home owners and families around the world.

We have concentrated our tried and true 100% safe and biodegradable industrial cleaners into concentrated active cleaners to be mixed at home with water by the customer.

By taking the water out of the process we have created a new smarter and more sustainable way, without single use plastic, without water transportation pollution, without huge shiny 

bottles of mostly water of supermarket shelves and under our sinks.

We are trying to design a zero waste system and we are almost there! 

Water Samples


We are an Israeli based company and our labs and research center are at the heart of Less-Labs, 

Working along side major, leading international industrial companies, designing and testing safe, biodegradable cleaners have taught us that top quality raw materials combined with the right chemistry can produce amazing results. Our groundbreaking formulas are a combination of traditional chemicals engineering with contemporary advancements and the latest developments available and are designed to replace the standard toxic brands.

Our labs are our playground, where the magic happens, constantly inventing and creating new substances

while improving our wide range of products and services. Our premium chemists and facilities are ready to take on any project or new product, delivering a wide range of expertise from food grade products to home and lifestyle, military, marine and camping products. We enjoy and take pride in our ability to react quickly and adapt to new segments.

100% Safe & Bio

Our guiding lines are simple - Do right! 

We only use tested and approved ingredients we will use on ourselves, in our homes, next to our kids.

that it! simple.

Always staying true to to our mission = zero harmful chemicals, 100% biodegradable ingredients and minimum waste possible, allows us to feel safe knowing we are doing our absolute best to provide effective yet responsible solutions. 

Bio friendly materials combined with our unique concentrated approach position Less-Labs as the most ecological, environmental and safe company in the world.... maybe (:

Our zero waste vision is guiding and leading the way to future sustainable ventures and is always at the root of every choice we take.

Trowel and Soil

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