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Regulatory Certifications
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Less-Labs offers the most comprehensive set of certificates and credentials of international standards.

Our products are tested regularly for quality assurance and further development.


We are conducting annual competitors tests to make sure we are delivering the best product and service possible for our partners and ultimately the end consumer.

Our certificates are a measurable account of our statements. 

Periodic Table

our certificates makes it easier for our customers to make an ethical and responsible choices

✔️ easy to dispose
✔️ zero impact on groundwater
✔️ does not contain organic solvents
✔️ ozone friendly
✔️ biodegradable up to 99.99%
✔️ food grade
✔️ safe for aquatic life
✔️ non carcinogenic
✔️ no corrosive materials
✔️ no harmful ingredients
✔️ proven and testeD

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