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The world has changed dramatically in the last 50 years


have  all changed.

All cleaning products contain 75-95% water

APX 95% of cleaning products contain toxic chemicals.

APX 90% of cleaning products contain non BIO ingredients

99.9% of cleaning products are sold in single use plastic

In the 21th century this is no longer an option,

We all know this. Now we can do something about it!

We are going to take the  home cleaning industry to the next standard

2022-09-01 - LESS clean safe ($400k).pptx.jpg


zero waste

We developed the brand LESS, introducing a complete line

of 100% responsible household cleaners.

All our products are packed in small capsules,

saving plastic, shelf-space, shipping costs,

and all-in-all a dramatic reduction in carbon footprint.


We will also offer beautiful reusable bottles,

so you never have to throw away

another plastic cleaning bottle EVER AGAIN. 


Operating instructions are simple: fill your bottle with water,

add the relevant capsule, and shake it up a bit. That’s it.


79B$ Global eco cleaning market,

16B$ Eco cleaning products 

US market, 

Planet Made of Plastic


of consumers are willing to change their buying habits to help the environment

SIGHN TEST3_edited.jpg


We have developed over 15 products, the widest range in the concentrated market!


A pre seed round of 200K$ lead us the first part of the road.

Exclusive Joint Venture + Liquid R&D,

Beta testing & Adaptation, 

Business strategy and plan,

Branding and packaging,

Product on market,

Corporate website

we are seeking
seed 700K$
to advance 18m

Finalizing liquid R&D/ Test / Certifications

Finalizing reusable container & caps

Ready to manufacture

D2C Israel 5000 users

Israeli retail distribution

US market ready 



next up

our model

seed 2 / 2M$ 24M plan

US product market fit

US production line

US Launch campaign

120K sales + 25K returning customers

E-Com distribution channels

Retail distribution channels



round a

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Less-labs was founded by four concerned fathers aiming to eliminate

single use plastic waste as well as eliminating toxic chemicals found around the home.

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500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

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