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Our brand is 100% safe and biodegradable with zero harmful chemicals. CleanSafe is perfect for families and people with health issues try to avoid toxic home chemicals.

Keeping the planet clean and pure is important, maybe the most important cause around affecting all of our lives all over the globe. why maybe? because for each of us our families and loved ones always comes first. keeping our homes safe for living is essential, we should not be forced to purchase toxic and dangerous products for lack of other choices or price/efficiency related alternatives.

CleanSafe is a smart and aware brand designed for a stylish well being lifestyle. 

Carpenter's Tools

We are looking for local franchisees because we believe in communities and regions.
It is true that our brand appeals to everyone and for the whole world but we also believe that each of us has a personal interest in improving the quality of life for our family,  country and our earth.

Less products do good to both humans and the environment and we can benefit from it.

its a win win win situation. Good business with good karma.

To help you get started we can provide you with:

A full top of the line professional Marketing package 
Local website/e-shop infrastructure ready to sell.
Formal tests and hard earned certifications.
GTM strategic guidelines for growth and optimization.

So if you are interested in being a franchisee of LESS and believe in the goal - CONTACT US

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